Wofen Haus Kennels

Quality German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario, Canada



Great attention is given to training, as this is an important element in ensuring obedience, dedication, and proper bonding. We start training obedience when the German Shepherd is just a puppy and the training is progressive as the puppy grows.

Personal protection training or Shutzhund training are available. An option available is to purchase a puppy from Wofenhaus and leave it with us for custom training. We also offer, when available, fully trained adult German Shepherds.

Our training is not exclusive to the German Shepherd breed, but to all working breeds. All those interested are welcome to bring their own dog for assessment or just to observe one of our training sessions. View the attached pictures and videos for demonstration of protection training.

We take extreme pride in what we produce.

At Wofenhaus, the bar has been raised, and Exceptional is the standard.

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